Park Tudor School's 'Get Up Park' App

'Get Up Park'


The inspiration for 'Get Up Park' came from my high school computer science teacher. Nearly 11 years ago, he and a group of motivated students built a score tracking and commentary app called 'Score Zone' for Park Tudor. The app was an instant hit among students and teachers, but the app slowly fell out of use as the developers and majority of the original user base began to graduate. My goal for the 'Get Up Park' app was to build upon the success of 'Score Zone' and create an app that would not only generate excitement among the student body, but also serve as the center for Park Tudor's sports/club communication.


This is by far the largest project I have ever undertaken. With so many features to be implemented, it was important that I had a clear idea of what the UI would look like before I wrote a line of code. I spent over a month designing the UI in Framer and getting feedback on the UX before I began working on implementing the code.


Cross-platform compatibility was essential for this app. Before I began designing the UI, I sent out a form to all of the students in Park Tudor's computer science program (around 60 students) asking whether they used an Android or iOS device. To my surprise, nearly 30% of the respondents indicated they used an Android. Rather than developing two versions of the app (Xcode & Android Studio), I chose to use Flutter. Flutter is a framework developed by Google which allows developers to build one version of an app and deploy it to both Android and iOS.

The result

Overall, this project was a great success! Students have really enjoyed using the app so far, and I have received many comments about how convenient it is to be able to easily keep up-to-date on scores and school events. Daily trivia has also sparked a ton of friendly competition:) Currently, we have over 375 users, and we are holding steady at around 225 daily active users! In the future, I hope to expand the app to other schools!

What’s next?

Let me know if you are interested in a collaboration. I'm available for freelance work!

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